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You create the party and we'll bring the tub!

We now provide Parts and Servicing of hot tubs [ all brands ]


 Rent a spa hot tubWhat do I need to provide?
    You simply need a flat area with access to an electrical outlet. This is where we park the hot tub trailer. No, we don't do stairs. Or windows.

Rent a spa hot tubDo I need to clean the hot tub?
    Absolutely not! We deliver the hot tub cleaned and sanitized. Once you are finished, we take the hot tub back to the shop and do it all over again.
Rent a spa hot tubWhat safety features are included?
    Hot tubs are GFI protected, which is over and above the industry standard.
Rent a spa hot tubHow hot does the water get?
    Our tubs are thermostatically controlled to reach up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit.
Parading in downtown Cleveland in a rental hot tub from Hot Tubs on Wheels!

More fun in a spa rental from Hot Tubs on Wheels!

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